Kevin Murphy                                 Location Scout


Airplanes, boats, cars and cameras have always captured my imagination. Hot Wheels and a Pentax camera were a great distraction for a kid growing up in a place where it gets really hot. The things I liked taking pictures of got bigger and so did I.

I've owned and operated a small corporate tour company which enabled me to share the visual wonder and variety of California's deserts, mountains, wide open spaces, big cities, coastline and everything in between. 

I drew on these experiences and the adventure of exploring new places as I began scouting. A lot of music videos and various film projects led to commercial production and print advertising.

I enjoy working with talented and dedicated people. Helping them achieve their creative objectives by providing locations that visually fit the project and are shootable.

I share equal enthusiasm for all aspects of permitting, working closely with City, County, State, Port, Local and State Law Enforcement agencies as well as the local community.

Building the job correctly from scout to prep to shoot greatly enhances the process itself as well as the final product.

I look forward to discussing your project with you at your convenience.

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